What Makes Yin Yang Soul Guidance Unique?

Updated: May 18

We are different because the work we do goes deeper than CBT or NLP coaching. When you come to Yin Yang, you won't just get a coaching program, you'll get soul-to-soul support and attention. See, I always felt like coaches and therapists I had in the past were reading from a script, or using the same techniques they use with EVERYONE! In other words, the services I experienced were impersonal, lacking connection.

Soul Guidance offers that all important connection. It's an opportunity for you to work with a coach who is deeply passionate about you and your development, and who connects with you on a more meaningful level. It is our mission to positively impact each and every client with person centred guidance. Why is this important? Because it is a sure way of creating sustainable transformation in your life.

Combined with this personal, soulful approach, there are many other reasons to consider Yin Yang for all of your guidance and coaching needs. Having been taught by a renowned spirit medium, I have developed a strong intuitive awareness and meditation practice helping me provide more helpful guidance. Yin Yang Soul Guidance is also supplemented by years of self studying basic principles of Zen, Buddhism, Taoism and some Greek philosophies. You can be sure of a comprehensive, holistic approach here!

I have also had a taste of what is sometimes known as 'rock bottom.' At the age of 18, after a highly manipulative and abusive relationship, I became mentally and physically unwell. A combination of poor lifestyle choices and the effects of the relationship put me at 9 stone in weight with serious health problems. I'd lost my job, my family, my self respect and my self esteem. I had lost my identity. Through investigation, words of wisdom from books and lectures, the ability to imagine a new life, a new reality, and my faith I came back from it. From then, I was consulted by friends and family about other issues and life events and developed the ability to help others through readings and coaching. It was when I saw results, that I decided it was time to launch Yin Yang Soul Guidance.

What I offer here is a service from my soul to yours. I want to help each and every client be as free, confident and happy as possible. All I have ever wished for is you to have no burdens, no limits and no harmful beliefs. Each service and session is tailored to you, delivered in confidence, and developed to transform your perspective.

Why not take the first step and have a chat with me?

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