Risks and Rewards

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Cliché alert! A coach telling you to take risks. But I want to think abut what that really means. To take a risk. Is it putting yourself outside your comfort zone? Walking out of that stable job for other pursuits? Perhaps leaving your relationships? Or dealing with family conflict?

Whatever the risk, or 'great leap', it is crucial that you are in the right mindset to endure the best possible result or reward. Taking a jump headfirst into the unknown is the easy part, learning what mindset to get in to first is the part we need to master.

Preparing the mind to take risks and leaps is much like packing the suitcase before a holiday, or gathering ingredients to cook a meal. We must consider each and it's relevance or necessity in relation to the activity, or in this case risk. For example, if you are visiting a beach resort and plan to do a lot of sunbathing, beachwear and swimsuits are extremely relevant and necessary. In the same way the wrong ingredients in particular dishes spoils the meal. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.

Very often, we work on impulse mistaking the feeling for intuition or passion. The issue is the impulse is fleeting and we are left with the consequences of yet another bad choice. If only we had seen. Oh well, part of the learning process right? Wrong! We have the ability to command control of this process and go headfirst into decisions, confident of the outcome!

Failing to plan and planning to fail...

Planning and resilience are possibly two of the greatest tools available to you in becoming mentally prepared to successfully implement new changes. It pays to be aware of the direction you are headed in fully expecting to hit obstacles along the way. It's important to remember that plans are just guides and the prospect of the plan changing or improving should be exciting.

Making a mental or written list of what skills or tools are needed for the change you desire is much like making the shopping list for ingredients. You then separate these requirements into simple, step by step goals to get you closer to taking the risk. Throughout this process, as you change and adapt your thinking, your expectation of the possible outcomes will change too.

The end result of this self consultation is a balanced, informed decision paired with confidence in personal ability and the possible outcomes of taking giant leaps in life. The ability to be objective in the face of uncertain risks and the possibility of failure has a power like no other. Of course, it is all about the balance of objectivity and subjectivity and it is always important not to become too emotionally distant or isolated in the name of objective thinking.

The value and rewards of spontaeneous decision making

The value and rewards of spontaneous decision making changes or risks isn't always possible, or even right. But development always is. Things will happen in life that you feel so passionate and certain about that it stirs something within you. A euphoric, unsettling, awesome feeling. This is your intuition. As you develop and adapt you will become completely aware of that intuition meaning, instead of stirring up now and again, you will be able to utilise and apply it to relationships, careers, self development and decision making.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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