Preparing For Your First Guidance Session

Updated: May 18

Congratulations on taking the very first step towards change and a new outlook. It is completely natural to feel a bit nervous about pouring your heart and soul out to a virtual stranger. I've put together some handy tips to help you prepare for the best possible results!

1. Lose the fear of judgment

My main goal is to offer you a safe space to air your thoughts. Our working relationship is dependent on trust, honesty and confidence. Naturally, as we work together regularly, our rapport will get stronger and you will feel more comfortable. In the beginning, it helps to remind yourself that you are being offered the chance to speak freely without judgement and in complete confidence. Anything you say or feel is justified and legitimate. All the details are vital to your progress. So set the fear aside and expect to be welcomed to your sessions like an old friend!

2. Think about what it is you want

I always encourage you to think about what you want to achieve from working with me.

There are a few questions you could think about to help;

- What do I want from this?

- How will I know I have achieved it?

- What's stopping me now?

You will have already given me an idea of your main objectives. This helps us create a direct and effective action plan for your development and attainment. It also give me a focus for my meditations leading up to our first meeting.

3. Find a quiet space to work in

This one is vital! If you are attending your session with distractions all around it's unlikely we will achieve the best possible outcome for the session. The ideal setting for working with a coach is in a quiet, isolated space in the house. Somewhere with no distractions and as little noise as possible.

I know life throws up obstacles. If you have last minute obligations or can't find a quiet space before your session contact me. Reschedule isn't always feasible, but it might just be possible on one off occasions.

4. Do what you need to, relax

Once you have found that quiet space to attend your session find a way to relax. You will receive a zoom link as soon as you book. So on the day of your session get the link set up 5 or 10 minutes early. While you are waiting for me to join the session, try to relax and be in

the moment. You might listen to a song, or complete a breathing exercise, perhaps light a candle. Some people like to meditate. Whatever technique you use to enter a peaceful state, doing so will allow for a calm and structured session that covers all the questions you have.

5. Test your technology

I long for the day I can meet clients face to face again. Until then, we are stuck with the delights of modern technology. Broadband issues, webcam faults and audio issues are

among the most common that stop sessions going ahead. I will always try to accommodate changes to dates if this happens to you. To avoid any last minute glitches, get familiar with Zoom and make sure you have the right equipment to complete a call.

While phones and tablets connect to Zoom sessions, a laptop or PC is preferable.

6. Get the kettle on

Make yourself comfortable and bring a cuppa! This session is a great opportunity to tell someone new all about yourself. Your weaknesses and strengths, your failures and achievements, your regrets and ambitions. You are an amazing person, whatever you're going through, and it's my pleasure to be working with you. I aim to make these sessions as personal and impactful as possible.

I hope these tips help you relax before your session. If you have any questions or queries at all please do not hesitate to email me. I will reply as soon as possible. Over and above the advice given here, BE YOURSELF! The only way we can successfully break through barriers and achieve our goals is if you are completely honest with yourself.

Until we meet,


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