Embrace Your Intuition

Encouraging regular interaction with one's intuition is a primary goal of Yin Yang sessions. After all, it is the finest guide you could have and has the power to help you realise your best life.

The intuition, or higher self, loves you and helps you make choices based on love. Listening to it will help you avoid unhealthy relationships, make good work choices, unleash and fulfil potential and it can ultimately lead you to your purpose. 'How do I use it?', I hear you ask...

Identify Your Intuition

As with all things, becoming aware of how your intuition is talking to you.

There are a few ways that your intuition could be trying to get your attention, for example, with physical indicators. Of course, the most common and well known is that 'gut feeling' we all know. Physical signs might include feeling relieved or having goose bumps as your intuition gives you divine guidance.

It's also possible to receive intuitive guidance through the emotions. You might feel overjoyed or a kind of euphoria when you are engaged with your higher self. Equally it may make yo feel uncomfortable or uneasy, especially when it's driving you away from your comfort zone or conditioned beliefs. Either way, it's important to let it flow embrace it.

'It's just a hunch', makes me think if a famous detective. Sometimes it's true, your intuition might be giving you feelings of 'just knowing' or a dead certainty that you know what to do to move forward. Of course, in day to day life, we decide we couldn't possible know better and we often ignore our hunches.

Finally, some people get an image in their mind, or a colour. This is another way for your intuition to make contact with you and can visual messages can happen very quickly or take a bit longer, like a little film in your mind!

Meditate With It

Like all things divine and of the soul, we need to take time to connect. Not only will a meditation regime help you connect to your higher self, it also allows you to have some important time to yourself, free of distractions. Becoming aware of the body, senses and environment will allow you to identify the little nudges your higher voice is giving you.

Set a time aside every day, it could be 10, 15 or 20 minutes. You can start meditation by yourself by following simple breathing techniques. Yin Yang Soul Guidance offers a monthly meditation group and there are guided meditations widely available to help you stay on track.

Take Time to Pay It Some Attention

You don't have to be facing a crisis to tap in to your intuition. Wisdom and advice can be given at any time, and will be when you have strengthened that connection. To help with this process, try listening to your higher self for a short while every day. Yes, we know, life gets in the way and it feels like you wake up and got to bed again soon after. However, stopping and taking time to listen in could be what you need to make some long needed changes in life.

So, do take the time. If anything, it helps to maintain a strong connection for when you are most in need of higher wisdom.

Ask Questions and Observe the Answer

This is a part of your higher self and holds an innate wisdom that is connected deep to your origin. Interact with your intuition and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you take time to think about what is important to you and ask strong, clear questions, you are sure to receive clear answers.

When you get an answer, it is sensible to write it down. Quite often when you end a session of meditation or connection, you will find you can't quite remember what you were told, be it through emotions, visuals or physical feeling. You can keep some paper close or speak out loud and record yourself to reflect on later. There are many ways to do this and you'll find the best way for you.

Take Action

What would all this be worth if you didn't follow through and take action? Remember, your higher self loves you and is invested in your progress. Learning to trust it and take action, in faith not fear, will undoubtedly take you forward toward your purpose.

Now, it would be foolish to say that every piece of advice you get will feel good, or even progressive. Fore example, your intuition might tell you your relationship is coming to an end, or that you shouldn't take a certain job... in these instances you might feel torn, unsure or uncomfortable. with your intuition and find out more, but rest assured, that what lies beyond these tough decisions is better for you than what you are experiencing now. Sometimes, your higher self is ahead of the game and tells you what you haven't accepted yet.

So that's the Yin Yang guide to embracing your own intuition. It might feel harder than it seems when you come to putting these things into practice, but don't worry! I am on hand to help...If you, you and your partner, or you and some friends would like to know more about this process and getting to know your higher self, you can book sessions online now.

There is also our free monthly meditation group to get you introduced to meditation!

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