5 Considerations for Promoting Happiness

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

What do you think of when you imagine happiness? How do we even go about imagining happiness in the first place? Strangely enough, trying to be happy all the time can be counter productive and overwhelming. It's not just about putting on a smile! Below are some things you might want to consider when thinking about true happiness.

#1 Be cautious of those who bring you down

No-one likes to be brought down or made to feel inadequate. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in a relationship with someone who isn't good for us. Relationships like these can be difficult to get out of because of complex feelings like guilt or heartbreak. In some cases, therapy and mediation can help resolve issues. In other cases, the person might not even be aware they are making you feel this way. The number one rule is self preservation. If your happiness is being hindered by someone who compromises your values, find a way out and steer clear!

#2 All work and no play?

This is a fast paced world. It is easier than ever to be overwhelmed with deadlines, long shifts and new ways of working. Covid has introduced us to the challenges of home working and home study. For some of us, this has cut out the morning commute and interaction with others. Long days in front of the laptop is hard going and, depending on your workspace, can negatively affect our happiness. Whether your at home or at the office, it's a good idea to fit some time for you into that busy schedule. It could be some time with family, exercise, a glass of wine and a book, a night in front of the telly, a hike up a mountain or a good night out. Whatever you choose be sure to do it regularly to help you stay grounded and motivated in other areas of life.

#3 Gratitude

This is one of my favourites. Some people keep journals, some give thanks in their mind and some simply say it out loud. However you show your gratitude for the blessings in your life, it has been proven to contribute to a happier disposition. Sometimes we get caught up in gaining or wanting material objects, or perhaps get lost in our ambitions of the future and lose motivations. Identifying things, in the here and now, that we are truly grateful for keeps us happy and motivates us to achieve more.

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#4 Eliminate Obstacles

One of the biggest threats to our happiness is the burden of challenges and workload as we work towards our goals. Finances, careers, relationships, personal development. None of these are possible without overcoming and eliminating obstacles. Here at YY, we believe in separating emotions and feelings to overcome challenges. In other words, take a step a back, breath and go through your options. In doing so, we learn to deal with the various obstacles life throws up at us in a calm and objective way. What could make you happier?

#5 Analyse and Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone is capable of being too hard on themselves. It's natural. We are, in many ways, raised to focus on our weaknesses. The constant need for improvement is based on weaknesses rather than strengths. So if you think back to how much you have achieved doing it in this way, imagine what you could achieve if you focused on your strengths instead. When evaluating our performance at work, with friends, after a date, during an interview or in study it is crucial that we give our strengths attention and commend ourselves when it is due.

So there you have it! Happiness is far too complex to list here in 5 short paragraphs, but I hope these help in the meantime. The key message is to always ask questions of yourself. For every action there is a reaction. Be in control of that reaction, and you will be in control of your happiness.

BONUS TIP #6: Engage in Meaningful Discussion

The pursuit of happiness is intertwined with the pursuit of knowledge. When we close up and are exposed to tthe same, repetitive discussions, we stop acquiring meaningful information about our world and our place in it. A deep discussion with someone, known or strange, has the potential to teach you more about life than any book, lecture or coaching session.

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