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Hey There...
Welcome to Soul Collective

Soul Collective is Yin Yang's online coaching hub. Over the duration of your program, you'll have access to this area and all of it's content. There's videos, articles, step by step challenges and helpful information to guide you through your journey. 

How to use the website...

Soul Collective is here to accompany and support your coaching journey. Gone are the days of being overwhelmed with emails and catch up sessions, now we can focus on effective coaching delivered in a clean and easy way. 

You'll notice that the site is divided up into four areas, or rooms; Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual. You'll be guided through which areas to visit and what tasks to view through your 1-1 sessions. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the layout and be sure to ask any questions that come up. 

As well as having a load of resources, videos and Q+A opportunities, you'll have the option to connect with other Soul Collective members to reflect on your progress in the program. 

You have take a step towards the most exciting transformation of your life so far. Work hard, be honest and enjoy!