About Yin Yang

Be Inspired. Be Motivated. Be Balanced.

Yin Yang Soul Guidance is your own source of personal growth. Our guidance and coaching is delivered through programs, 1-1, couples and groups. However you attend, you can be sure of a few things;

- Step by step action plans to align and manifest your dreams

- Guidance and coaching in removing limiting beliefs

- Connection with a higher purpose and intuitive awareness

- Support to embrace your gifts and abilities

The fact is, you don't need another coach telling you how to live your life, rather a coach who is supporting you to live the best life you can and that is exactly what you get with Hugh, here at Yin Yang. 

Hugh Boyd - The Soul Coach

I am Hugh Boyd - The Soul Coach, a empath. a loving individual and a wee bit of a troublemaker. My journey on this path started years and years ago, and it is only with hindsight I am in a position to accept that fact. 


In my short time on this earth I have experienced toxic and abusive relationships, homelessness, mental illness and isolation. As you can imagine, this all took a little while to unpack and resolve. I was essentially coaching myself for a long time and I will be forever more.


Despite the hard times I have been grateful to always have worked in the service of others and have been raised in an environment where my intuition and empathy was nourished under the mentorship of my mediumistic mother.


My life was saved by Taoist thought, philosophical text, meditation, psychedelic therapy and deep soul coaching. Now, I understand my purpose is to share this knowledge with you.


My experiences, skills and motivations are what have led me into the service of others to do my bit in reducing pain, increasing awareness, encouraging joy and gratitude, and facilitating soulful discussion on this wonderful planet we live on.


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